International Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance Day - 26 April.

Every year on April 26th, International Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance Day marks the anniversary of this historic nuclear accident. The day also focuses on the prevention of future nuclear disasters.

On April 26th, 1986, the worst nuclear accident in history took place. The horrific event occurred in Chernobyl, Ukraine. This disaster occurred during a safety test on one of the nucl
ear reactors at the power plant. A combination of human error and poor design caused the explosion, which resulted in a fire that burned for nine days. The radiation released into the air contaminated 150,000 square miles in three countries: Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus. The radioactive cloud also contaminated food sources throughout Europe.

Two workers died from the explosion. Twenty-eight firefighters and emergency responders died within the next three months from radiation exposure. A UN study points to the disaster as a possible cause of thyroid cancer in 20,000 children. Over 300,000 people that lived near the nuclear power plant had to relocate. An increase in suicide rates, depression, and post-traumatic stress is also correlated to the accident.

Throughout the years, the total cost for the disaster has reached $700 billion.

Unfortunately, the Soviet government took four years to realize the need for international assistance. In 1990, the UN made a resolution to help with the recovery process. In 1991, the UN created the Chernobyl Trust Fund. The fund’s primary purpose was to expedite financial contributions toward Chernobyl activities, which included financial relief for victims.

On December 8, 2016, the UN adopted a resolution to designate April 26th as International Chernobyl Remembrance Day.

Source: www.un.org


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