The Great Bank Robbery NPAs, scams and the future of regulation.

Pattabhi Ram & Sabyasachee Dash has co-authored a new book titled “The Great Bank Robbery: NPAs, Scams and the Future of Regulation” which discusses 11 scams that have rocked India since its Independence(1947). The book is published by Rupa Publications India Pvt Ltd.

V. Pattabhi Ram, a Chartered Accountant based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, is an author, public speaker and teacher. He has authored several books such as “Ticking Times: An Accountant and a Gentleman”, and “First Lessons in Strategic Financial Management” (co-authored with S.D. Bala). Sabyasachee Dash is a career corporate executive and a Chartered Accountant.

About the book:

The book discusses 11 scams that have rocked the nation since Independence. Without sensationalizing the dramatic content, the book examines how the frauds took place: the strategies used by the scamsters, the regulation loopholes they used, and the lasting consequences thereof. It also discusses the role of prime stakeholders in the banking and finance sectors, such as auditors, company boards, the regulator and rating agencies. A simple but not simplified primer into the world of banking and finance, this book is an engaging and timely discussion directed at the Indian citize.

Source: www.thehindubusinessline.com


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