Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is www.universalcurrentaffairs.com ?

Www.universalcurrentaffairs.com is a web site which gathers information related to World Current Affairs from hundreds of authentic news related websites and lists them in one web space.

2. How www.universalcurrentaffairs.com works?

Our site collects news from hundreds of reputable websites which gives news on important Current Affairs in daily basis under various streams such as Science & Technology, Nature & Environment, Social & Cultural, Legal & Political, Sports, Art & Literature etc and present them to you in one place.

This might be save your time and provides you complete coverage of the world of Current Affairs in one single website in daily basis.

As we do not own the copyrights of the World Current Affairs News, we are not legally allowed to show the complete news in our website. Due to this reason we display a summary of the news to you and if you want to read the complete news then you have to tap the “Read Full News”. When you tap the “Read Full News” an in site browser opens up the news from the news source website.  Hence, every time you tap “Read Full News” you are exactly visiting the news source website within our website. This is how all news aggregating websites/ apps works.

3. Why we use www.universalcurrentaffairs.com ?

Our goal is to inspire, entertain, and educate knowledge-lovers worldwide, regardless of background or education level. However, this might be a Comprehensive Solution for examination candidates across the world who are looking for General Knowledge & Current Affairs in daily basis for their Competitive Examinations. 

4. How to report an issue or error? 

You can report an issue or error via the “Contact Us” option in the site menu or through email “princose.ltd@gmail.com”

5. Troubleshooting

If news are not loading in formal way, please make sure that,

Your computer is properly connected to the internet.
You have the latest version of operating system in your computer.
Exit the site and re run.
Reboot your computer.
If the above steps do not solve the issue, please get in touch with us via email “princose.ltd@gmail.com”

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