Global ocean surface temperature highest since records began.

The temperature of the ocean's surface is currently at a record high.

New data taken by the US government has found that since the start of April, the average ocean temperature is at around 21.1C.

The highest the average temperature has been before is 21C, in 2016.

This rise in water temperature will lead to more extreme weather and marine storms, according to climate experts.

Why is the ocean warming up?

The ocean is warming up because the overall temperature of the earth is heating up too.

This is because of global warming, caused by an increased amount of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.

When we burn coal, oil and gas, greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere, which traps more heat from the sun that it is meant to.

This heats up the planet, and the oceans.

Source: www.bbc.co.uk


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