30 July 2022

World Day Against Trafficking in Persons - 30 June.

Every year on July 30th, the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons spreads the alarm about the horrible crime of human trafficking. The day also provides an opportunity for governments to reaffirm their commitment to stop criminals from exploiting people for profit.

Human trafficking is considered a modern form of slavery. This illegal act involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain labor or sex. Traffickers use violence, manipulation, or false promises to lure their victims into trafficking situations. Trafficking victims usually experience physical and/or psychological abuse. They might also endure sexual abuse, food and sleep deprivation, threats to family members, and isolation from the outside world. Family members of the victim may also get threatened.

According to the International Labor Organization, there are over 40 million victims of human trafficking around the world. Nearly every country in the world is affected by human trafficking. There are some countries that are worse than others.

Some of the worst countries for human trafficking include:

  • Equatorial Guinea
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • The Central African Republic
  • Syria
  • Algeria
  • Russia
  • Zimbabwe
  • Libya
  • Venezuela

The United States is not exempt from being affected by human trafficking. Every year in the U.S., up to 17,500 people become victims of human trafficking. Victims in the United States are almost exclusively immigrants. Victims in this country and elsewhere usually consist of women and children. Other factors that contribute to the supply of trafficking victims include poverty, lack of employment opportunities, organized crime, discrimination, and government corruption.

In 2010, the UN General Assembly adopted the Global Plan of Action to Combat Trafficking In Persons. The goal of this Global Plan was to urge governments around the world to take coordinated measures to defeat human trafficking. The Plan helped to create a voluntary Trust Fund for victims of trafficking. In 2013, during a high-level meeting to appraise the Global Plan, the UN adopted a resolution to designate July 30th as the World Day against Trafficking in Persons.

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Internationational Day of Friendship - 30 July.

Internationational Day of Friendship on July 30th encourages forging friends near and far. Core to developing strong friendships worldwide is the hope of a growing spirit of human solidarity.

The day encourages making friends and building relationships with people outside of your own culture, country, or background. Through these relationships, a culture of peaceful and mutual understanding develops.

Aristotle classified the kinds of friends we develop into three categories:

  • Utility friendship – co-worker, a business partner in which the purpose of the friendship is a mutual objective.
  • Pleasure friendship – a person whom others enjoy being with because they have a quick wit or an uplifting attitude. A person with whom the purpose of the friendship is to explore a mutual pleasure such as fishing, bowling, or other hobbies.
  • Good friend – mutual respect, and admiration for each other’s qualities, though there may be differences.

Since the day explores friendships across cultures, set aside preconceived notions. Be patient, as language barriers may slow down the conversations, but it won’t stop it.

In 1919, Friendship Day began as a greeting card promotion. By 1940, it had disappeared. The United Nations proposed a worldwide initiative in 1997 to establish an International Friendship Day. In 2011, the United Nations official proclaimed the day to inspire peace efforts and build bridges between peoples, countries, and cultures.

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29 July 2022

International Tiger Day - 29 July.

International Tiger Day on July 29th raises awareness about the dwindling numbers of the biggest of the big cats. Global leaders focus on the tiger during meetings designed to promote a system for protecting and enhancing their natural habitat.

A hundred years ago,100,000 tigers roamed Asia. Today, the estimated number brings the tiger population to fewer than 4,000 tigers in the wild. One of the goals of the day is to double that number by 2022. It’s called the Tx2 Initiative.

The Tx2 Initiative collects about $350 million every year to help save tigers. The money is spent on investigators and rangers who patrol for poachers. The fund also pays for protection of tiger habitat, studies of their populations and movements, and even sets up thousands of wildlife trail cameras.

Did you know:

  • Currently, tigers populate 13 countries where they roam naturally: Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Russia, Thailand, and Vietnam.
  • Tigers are the largest cat species in the world, and the third-largest carnivore on land; only polar and brown bears are larger. Siberian tigers (the largest subspecies) weigh up to 660 pounds.
  • At top speed, tigers clock nearly 40 mph.
  • The name of a large wild cat with large black strips comes from the ancient Persian word “taig” meaning fast and sharp.
  • Tigers are always on the move. Their turf can be as large as 386 sq miles or 1000 sq km.
  • Like other cats, tigers are carnivores, and they are essential to keep their range in an ecological balance. They prey on smaller animals that are herbivores, and so maintain a balance between the plant-eating animals and the vegetation on which they feed.
  • An adult tiger consumes up to 88 pounds of meat in one meal.
  • The average lifespan of a wild tiger is 10-15 years.
  • Unlike most big cats, tigers are powerful swimmers. Not only do they swim, but they also swim great distances to hunt or cross rivers. Young tigers often play in water and adults lounge in streams or lakes to stay cool during the heat of the day.
  • Tigers are the only cat species that are entirely striped. When shaved, their skin has the identical stripe as their fur.
  • While other cats meow, tigers do not meow. Tiger vocalizations include roaring, growling, hissing, moaning.

International Tiger Day was created in 2010 at the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit.

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28 July 2022

World Hepatitis Day - 28 July.

World Hepatitis Day on July 28 raises global awareness every year concerning hepatitis. The day encourages prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

Hepatitis infects more than 350 million people worldwide. While it is one name, it’s a group of infectious diseases. Five types of hepatitis infections are possible: A, B, C, D, and E. Hepatitis A is always an acute, short-term disease, while hepatitis B, C, and D are most likely to become ongoing and chronic. Hepatitis E is usually acute but can be particularly dangerous in pregnant women.

Depending on the type of hepatitis, many people don’t develop symptoms in the early stages. As a result, an estimated additional 3 million people in the world are infected but don’t know it. Routine testing lowers these numbers. However, those who need the screenings most may not know how to access them.

Other risk factors associated with hepatitis include cirrhosis and liver cancer. Moreover, the disease contributes to 399,000 deaths worldwide each year.

On July 28, health care organizations in 100 countries will offer free screenings. There may also be other public vaccination drives or public awareness campaigns. At the end of the year, the World Health Organization and the World Hepatitis Alliance organize a report detailing all the events across the world.

2004 – First International Hepatitis C Awareness Day set as October 1.

2008 – First World Hepatitis Day set as May 19

2010 – The idea of World Hepatitis Day originated in Cuttack, Odisha. July 28 was proposed as the day to in honor of Nobel Laureate Baruch Samuel Blumberg, discoverer of the hepatitis B virus, whose birthday on that date.

‘I can’t wait’ is the new campaign theme to launch World Hepatitis Day 2022. It will highlight the need to accelerate the fight against viral hepatitis and the importance of testing and treatment for the real people who need it. The campaign will amplify the voices of people affected by viral hepatitis calling for immediate action and the end of stigma and discrimination.

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World Nature Conservation Day - 28 July.

Every year on July 28th, World Nature Conservation Day acknowledges that the foundation for a healthy society is a healthy environment. It’s also a day to increase awareness about the importance of protecting our natural resources.

Our planet’s natural resources consist of air, sunlight, soil, minerals, fuels and water. All of these things are found in nature and used by people. Currently, there are nearly 8 billion people that populate the Earth. This number is expected to exceed 9 billion by 2037. All of these people use the earth’s natural resources every day. Because these resources are getting used up so rapidly, many people are concerned they will become depleted. For this reason, many individuals and organizations stress the importance of conserving our natural resources.

The good news is, there are some simple ways to conserve our natural resources. Take water, for instance. Some scientists say our planet’s water supply will be gone by 2050. One of the easiest ways to conserve water is to use less of it. Taking shorter showers, shutting off the faucet during teeth brushing, and using rainwater for irrigation are all ways to do this.

Here are some other ways to conserve our natural resources:

  • Plant trees to reduce soil erosion
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle
  • Carpool with co-workers
  • Shut off lights when leaving a room
  • Go digital instead of printing things on paper
  • Volunteer for community cleanups
  • Use non-toxic cleaning supplies
  • Make your own compost
  • If everyone does their part, our planet’s natural resources will be available for years to come.

World Nature Conservation Day began in India by those who were concerned about protecting the Earth’s natural resources. The Environmental Information System (ENVIS) Center in New Delhi promotes the day. The Department of Environment, the Ministry of Environment and Forests, and the Government of India sponsor ENVIS. Many countries have joined India in observing this important day for our planet.

Source: https://nationaldaycalendar.com


Swiss Open 2022

Norway’s Casper Ruud has won the Swiss Open Tennis Tournament 2022 held in Gstaad, Switzerland. He defeated Italy’s Matteo Berrettini in the final by 4-6, 7-6(4), 6-2. It was Ruud’s 9th Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) title. The Swiss Open is Ruud’s 3rd title in 2022, the other two titles are Buenos Aires and Geneva Open. Ruud had also won the 2021 Swiss Open title.

Ruud snaps the 12-match unbeaten streak of Berrettini, who lifted trophies in Stuttgart and London earlier this year. It was Casper Ruud 9th ATP Title. Earlier this year, Ruud finished as the runner-up at the French Open, losing to Spanish ace Rafael Nadal.

Source: www.timesnownews.com


Albanian parliament elects Bajram Begaj as the new president.

Bajram Begaj was elected recently as the new leader of Albania in a plenary session in the Assembly.

Begaj was elected in the fourth round by a 78 - 4 vote, with 1 abstention, in the 140-seat Assembly.

The main opposition Democratic Party did not participate.

Begaj was the candidate of the Socialist Party (PS), which is in power under Prime Minister Edi Rama.

He was the only candidate nominated for the five-year term.

Born in Rrogozhina on March 20, 1967, Begaj graduated from the Medical Faculty of the University of Tirana.

He served in senior positions in the Albanian Armed Forces and was last appointed Chief of the Albanian General Staff in July 2020.

Begaj is married and has two children.

Source: www.aa.com.tr


27 July 2022

Development Bank of Singapore Limited (DBS Bank) has been recognized as the ‘World’s Best SME Bank’.

Development Bank of Singapore Limited (DBS Bank) has been recognized as the ‘World’s Best SME Bank’ by Euromoney for the second time (the first time in 2018). The bank has established its position as a global industry leader in association with Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to enhance growth and development. DBS’ latest global best SME bank accolade comes from leading UK-based financial publication Euromoney, which has honoured DBS with the ‘World’s Best SME Bank’ title for the second time since 2018.

The DBS bank also clinched three first-time awards at Euromoney’s Awards for Excellence 2022:

  • World’s Best Financial Innovation of the year 2022
  • Asia’s Best Bank for Wealth Management 2022
  • Asia’s Best Bank for SME award 2022


Samsung develops industry's first, world's fastest graphics DRAM chip.

Samsung said recently it has developed a new graphics dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) chip with a faster speed and improved power efficiency.

The 24-gigabit Graphics Double Data Rate 6 (GDDR6) adopts third-generation, 10-nanometer technology and boasts a data processing speed that is over 30 per cent faster than existing products, the company said in a statement.

The new DRAM chip can process graphic images at a rate of up to 1.1 terabytes per second, which Samsung claims is the fastest in the world and equivalent to processing 275 full HD movies in a second.

Graphics DRAMs are widely used in high-powered 3D games, personal computers, notebooks or devices that play videos with a high resolution.

In the future, it is also expected to be used in high performance computing, electric cars and autonomous vehicles, reports Yonhap news agency.

As the new chip meets the JEDEC industry standards, artificial intelligence and graphics companies will likely adopt it easily, Samsung added.

The JEDEC Solid State Technology Association is a semiconductor organisation in charge of standardisation of chips.

Using the so-called dynamic voltage scaling technology, the GDDR6 DRAM also improves power efficiency more than 20 percent, Samsung said.

Source: www.business-standard.com


India to host ICC 2025 Women's World Cup.

International Cricket Council (ICC) has confirmed that India will host the ICC Women’s ODI World Cup 2025. BCCI will leave no stone unturned to make it a memorable event for everyone concerned. The infrastructure is in place and will have a very successful edition of the World Cup. The hosts were selected via a competitive bidding process overseen by a Board sub-committee chaired by Martin Snedden along with Clare Connor, Sourav Ganguly and Ricky Skerritt.

The ICC Board accepted the recommendations of the committee who conducted a thorough review of each bid along with ICC management. India, Bangladesh, England and Sri Lanka were named as the four hosts for ICC women’s white-ball events from 2024-27.

Source: www.hindustantimes.com


Tamim Iqbal announces retirement from T20Is.

Bangladesh ODI captain, Tamim Iqbal has announced his retirement from T20Is and his decision came shortly after his side defeated West Indies 3-0 in the three-match ODI series. He played his last T20 International in March 2020. The 33-year-old has played 78 T20 Internationals, scoring 1758 runs at 24.08. Tamim is one of the best openers to have come out of Bangladesh, having scored 5082 runs in Tests and 7943 runs in ODIs.

Tamim is the only Bangladesh batter to score a century in T20Is. He achieved the remarkable feat against Oman in the T20 World Cup 2016 in India. He ended his T20I career as the third-highest run-scorer for his country in the format after current skipper Mahmudullah Riyad and Test captain Shakib Al Hasan.

Source: www.espncricinfo.com


Kuwait appoints new prime minister.

Sheikh Mohammed Sabah Al Salem Al Sabah has been appointed the new Prime Minister of Kuwait, three months after the ex-Kuwaiti government resigned.

According to Al Qabas newspaper, an Emiri decree was issued today, appointing Sheikh Mohammed Sabah Al Salem as the new Prime Minister.

Sheikh Mohammed has also been asked to nominate members of the new government.

Sheikh Mohammed was born in 1955 and is the fourth son of the 12th Emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al Salem Al Sabah, who ruled Kuwait from 1965 until 1977.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Claremont College in California, and a PhD in Economics and Middle Eastern Studies from Harvard University.

Al Sabah served as deputy prime minister and the minister of foreign affairs of Kuwait. In 1993, he was appointed ambassador of Kuwait to the US. He remained in this position until 14 February 2001 when he was appointed state minister for foreign affairs. He was the minister of Finance from January 2003 to July 2003. On 11 February 2006, Mohammad was appointed deputy prime minister while retaining the position of minister of foreign affairs.

He resigned from office on October 18, 2011 in protest against alleged corruption in Kuwait’s government. After leaving office, Al Sabah began to work as a visiting fellow at Oxford University.

Source: https://gulfnews.com


The World Bank appoints Former Director Indermit Gill as Chief Economist.

Indermit Gill, former director of the Duke Center for International Development, has been appointed as Chief Economist of the World Bank Group and Senior Vice President for Development Economics at multilateral development bank.

Gill served as director of DCID from 2016 to 2018 and served as professor of the practice of public policy at the Sanford School of Public Policy and senior research scholar at the Duke Center for International and Global Studies. 

His appointment will be effective September 1, 2022.

Source: www.worldbank.org


WHO chief declares expanding monkeypox outbreak a global emergency.

The chief of the World Health Organization says the expanding monkeypox outbreak in more than 70 countries is an "extraordinary" situation that now qualifies as a global emergency, a declaration on Saturday 23 July 2022 that could spur further investment in treating the once-rare disease and worsen the scramble for scarce vaccines.

WHO director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus made the decision to issue the declaration despite a lack of consensus among members of WHO's emergency committee. It was the first time the chief of the United Nations health agency has taken such an action.

Source: www.cbc.ca

26 July 2022

Thailand PM Prayuth survives fourth confidence vote.

Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha has survived a no-confidence vote in parliament, in his last major test ahead of a general election that is due in less than a year.

After four days of grilling, which was broadcast live on television, the 68-year-old former army chief secured enough votes on Saturday to guarantee his place as prime minister until his term ends in March.

Former army chief survives four days of questioning to guarantee his place as prime minister until his term ends in March.

Source: www.aljazeera.com


Pope Francis' Pastoral Visit to Canada.

The Vatican has released the itinerary for Pope Francis’ visit to Canada, during which he will meet with representatives of indigenous peoples, and with indigenous Catholics. 

The visit to Canada will take place July 24-29, with a return flight to Rome landing on the 30th, the Vatican said recently.

While in Canada, Francis is expected to issue an apology on behalf of the Catholic Church for abuses committed against indigenous students in Catholic-run residential schools.

In addition to a visit to Edmonton, Alberta, the pope will meet with dignitaries in Quebec City before visiting Iqaluit, the capital of Nunavut, to meet with residential school survivors, among others. Despite the ambitious nature of the trip, the pope is expected to participate in events in Canada for about an hour at a time, owing to the health problems the 85-year-old has experienced of late.

Source: www.aciafrica.org


Gen. Kamal Gunaratne re-appointed Defence Secretary.

General Kamal Gunaratne has been re-appointed as the Secretary to the Ministry of Defence by President Ranil Wickremesinghe.

Gunaratne, a decorated veteran of the Sri Lanka Army, was first appointed to the post by former President Gotabaya Rajapaksa in November 2019.

He is the former Commander Security Forces Headquarters - Wanni, General Officer Commanding (GOC) 53 Division, Colonel of the Regiment, Mechanized Infantry Regiment (MIR) and Master General Ordnance (MGO) of the Army Headquarters.

He has also served as a Deputy Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Brazil.

Following his retirement from the army in September 2016, Gunaratne authored a book ‘Road to Nandikadal’ on the war against the LTTE.


India to overtake China as the most populous country.

The 2022 version of United Nations World Population Prospects was released during the second week of July. It said the world population will breach the eight billion mark on November 15 this year.

And India will overtake China next year to become the world’s most populous nation with over 1.4 billion people. In 2050, the country is projected to have a population of 1.66 billion - way ahead of China’s 1.31 billion.

This might be not only because the rate of population growth in India is higher than in China, but the neighbour is also expected to experience an absolute decline in its population as early as next year.

Source: www.business-standard.com


Dinesh Gunawardena sworn in as new Prime Minister.

Member of Parliament Dinesh Gunawardena has taken oaths as the new Prime Minister of Sri Lanka.

He took oaths before President Ranil Wickremesinghe on July 22.

Gunawardena embarked on active politics in late 1970s and entered the parliament in 1983 representing the Maharagama electoral district.

He has held cabinet ministerial portfolios under various governments.

Gunawardena has also served as the chairperson of three Parliament Select Committees to identify electoral reforms and as the Leader of the House and the Chief Government Whip in the Sri Lankan parliament.

He was born in 1949 to leftist politician Philip Gunawardena who was fondly known as ‘the Lion of Boralugoda’ and Kusumasiri Gunawardena.

He has been leading the Mahajana Eksath Peramuna since 1973, following the demise of his father, the founder of the party.

Gunawardena, who is a schoolmate of President Wickremesinghe, was educated at Royal College in Colombo.

Upon completing his school education, Gunawardena joined the Netherlands School of Business, where he graduated with a diploma in business administration and management. He later enrolled at the University of Oregon to study international business.


Nepal’s Parliament passes first Citizenship Amendment Bill.

Nepal’s Parliament on Wednesday 13 passed the country’s first Citizenship Amendment Bill, which was under discussion for more than two years as political parties failed to forge a consensus on it.

The bill has been under discussion in the House of Representatives since 2020, but it failed to be endorsed due to differences among the political parties over certain provisions, namely the seven-year waiting period for obtaining naturalised citizenship for foreign women married to Nepali men.

In the meeting of the lower house of Parliament or the House of Representatives on Wednesday, Home Minister Bal Krishna Khand presented Nepal’s first Citizenship Amendment Bill 2022 before the lawmakers, and said that the bill has been tabled in parliament to amend the Nepal Citizenship Act 2006 and make provisions for providing citizenship as directed by the Constitution.

Source: www.thehindu.com


China will launch first comprehensive solar probe.

China will launch its first comprehensive solar probe, the Advanced Space-based Solar Observatory, in October, opening a new chapter in the country's exploration of the sun, according to the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

From Monday to July 24, the research institute is gathering suggestions from the public for names to give the milestone instrument, which weighs 888 kilograms and will operate in a synchronous orbit of the sun at around 720 kilometers.

The satellite is equipped with three payloads, namely the All-Solar Vector Magnetic Imager, the Lyman Alpha Solar Telescope and the Solar Hard X-ray Imager. It is the culmination of over five years of work by Chinese scientists and engineers and is set to operate for more than four years.

Source: https://global.chinadaily.com


Saudi Arabia opens airspace to Israeli flights.

Saudi Arabia on Friday 15 opened its airspace to all civilian carriers, including all flights to and from Israel, in a step toward normalizing relations between the two nations as US President Joe Biden tours the Middle East.

In a statement shared hours before he was due to fly directly from Israel to Saudi Arabia, Biden hailed the kingdom's decision, saying that it could "help build momentum toward Israel's further integration into the region."

The Biden administration has for months sought to formalize security and economic deals between Saudi Arabia and Israel, in a bid to set the stage for a normalization deal between the two countries.

Source: https://edition.cnn.com


"Russia Responsible" For Ongoing Crisis In Sri Lanka.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky blamed Russia for causing unrest in Sri Lanka as well as around the world due to the blocking of food products during the invasion of Ukraine.

One of the major tactics Russia has used in their invasion of Ukraine is the creation of an “economic shock,” Zelenskyy said, adding that several countries experiencing food and fuel shortages due to the disruption in the supply chain have benefitted Russia’s agenda.

Highlighting the crisis in Sri Lanka during a recent address at the Asian Leadership Conference in Seoul, he further said “The shocking food and fuel price hikes led to a social explosion. No one knows now how it will end.”

War in Ukraine has left an estimated 1.6 billion people in 94 countries exposed to at least one dimension of finance, food, or energy crisis, with around 1.2 billion living in “perfect-storm” countries severely vulnerable.

Source: www.ndtv.com


Pope Francis names three women to Vatican body that oversees selection of world's bishops.

Pope Francis has named three women to the Dicastery of Bishops, the Vatican body responsible for overseeing the selection of new bishops.

They are the Salesian sister Yvonne Reungoat of France, Superior General of the Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco who in 2019 was appointed as one of the first seven female members of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life.

Italian Franciscan, Sister Rafaella Petrini. In November she was named the second highest ranking official of the Vatican City State, and among her first duties was inaugurating the Vatican's Nativity scene in St. Peter's Square, which came from Peru. 

And laywoman Dr. Maria Lia Zervino, president of the World Union of Catholic Women's Organizations. 

The group is responsible for submitting proposals of new bishops to the pope for approval, and now, for the first time, the voices of women will be included in forming them. 

Source: www.romereports.com


2028 Los Angeles Summer Olympic Games.

The 2028 Olympic Games is less than six years away. The next summer Olympics are set to take place from July 14 to July 30 in Los Angeles.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the news was announced on Monday at a press conference attended by Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti.

The Los Angeles Olympic Games — the first Olympics held in the United States since 2002, and the first Summer games held in the states since 1996 — will begin with an opening ceremony on July 14 co-hosted at both the Coliseum and the newly opened SoFi Stadium. The games will take place in various venues throughout Southern California for the remainder of the month.

Los Angeles has a long history with the Olympics, having first hosted the Summer Games in 1932 before hosting the event again in 1984. The plans for the games to return to the city were finalized in 2017, after the city engaged in a long bidding war with Paris to host the 2024 Olympics. At the 131st IOC Session in Lima, Peru, it was decided that Paris will host the 2024 Olympics while Los Angeles would host the 2028 games. Los Angeles will become the third city to host the games three times, after Paris and London. It will also be the fifth Summer Games and ninth overall Olympics to be hosted in the United States.

The games are set to be broadcast in the United States by NBCUniversal, as part of the company’s long-term deal with the IOC, which is set to extend until 2032.

In addition, the official Paralympics Games will begin Aug. 15.

Source: www.nbcsports.com


Postponed 19th Edition of Asian Games 2022 scheduled for 2023.

The Asian Games 2022, originally scheduled for September this year, will now be held from September 23 to October 8, 2023, the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) announced.

The Asian Games were postponed in May due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 in and around the host city of Hangzhou in China. The quadrennial event was scheduled to be held from September 10 to 25, 2022.

After announcing the postponement of the Asian Games on May 6, the OCA formed a task force to come up with new dates which did not conflict with other major international sporting events next year.

The task force held discussions with the Chinese Olympic Committee, the Hangzhou Asian Games Organising Committee (HAGOC) and also the other stakeholders and recommended the September-October 2023 window. 

The Asian Games, in its 19th edition, will be held in China for the third time. Chinese capital Beijing hosted the Games in 1990 while Guangzhou hosted the prestigious event in 2010. 

Source: https://olympics.com


Japan honours Shinzo Abe with highest decoration.

The Japanese government on Monday 11 honoured former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who was gunned down Friday in the city of Nara, with the Collar of the Supreme Order of the Chrysanthemum, the nation’s highest decoration.

A wake was held later Monday for Abe, the nation’s longest serving prime minister, at Zojoji Temple in Tokyo, with Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and other lawmakers attending. US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, who is on a visit to Japan, also attended the ceremony, a Treasury official said.

Abe is the fourth former prime minister to receive the decoration under the postwar Constitution, after Shigeru Yoshida, Eisaku Sato and Yasuhiro Nakasone. He has additionally been honored with the Junior First Rank of Court, the Cabinet Office said.

Abe was in office when the emperor ascended to the throne in 2019 following the abdication of his father, Emperor Emeritus Akihito.

The Collar of the Supreme Order of the Chrysanthemum is made from pure gold and is worn by the emperor, and has been awarded to several visiting foreign heads of state in the past.

Source: https://iranpress.com


Ruling party in Japan records significant victory.

In a parliamentary election in Japan, the ruling party and its coalition partner achieved a significant victory. In the 248-seat chamber, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and its minor coalition partner Komeito increased their combined share to 146, well exceeding the majority in the elections for half of the upper house seats. Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio expressed his gratitude for the decision. He pledged to handle the nation’s most pressing problems, such as the pandemic, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and the rising cost of life.

The Japanese Prime Minister declared that in addition to a constitutional reform, he will continue to advocate for strengthening Japan’s national security. Additionally, he promised to boost the Japanese economy. Only two days had passed since the shooting death of former prime minister Shinzo Abe at a campaign rally before the election.

Source: www.wionews.com


Finland and Sweden complete NATO accession talks.

The 30 NATO allies signed off on the accession protocols for Sweden and Finland on Tuesday, sending the membership bids of the two nations to the alliance capitals for legislative approvals.

The move further increases Russia’s strategic isolation in the wake of its invasion of neighboring Ukraine in February and military struggles there since.

Both countries formally confirmed their willingness and ability to meet the political, legal and military obligations and commitments of NATO membership.

The 30 ambassadors and permanent representatives formally approved the decisions of last week’s NATO summit when the alliance made the historic decision to invite Russia’s neighbor Finland and Scandinavian partner Sweden to join the military club.

Source: https://time.com


24 July 2022

International Self Care Day - 24 July.

Every year on July 24th, International Self Care Day promotes self-care as a vital foundation of health. It’s also a day for people around the world to prioritize self-care and make it a part of their lifestyle.

Staying well includes taking care of your whole self: physically, mentally, and emotionally. For some, self-care also includes taking care of themselves spiritually. So what exactly does self-care look like? It could be as simple as having some quiet time each day. Others might have coffee with a friend at least once a week.

Other examples of self-care include:

  • Having a regular sleep routine
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Keeping a reflective journal
  • Practicing gratitude
  • Getting a massage
  • Listening to relaxing music
  • Reading a good book
  • Learning to say no
  • Asking for help when necessary

There are other areas of self-care that some focus on as well. For example, financial self-care involves paying bills on time and putting money into savings. Monitoring time on social media and decluttering your home are included in environmental self-care.

The International Self-Care Foundation (IFS) established this day in 2011. The IFS is a charity based in the UK with a global focus. They believe that a healthy society starts when each individual first takes care of themselves.

Source: https://nationaldaycalendar.com


23 July 2022

Leading space science expert predicts a 'direct hit' on Earth from a solar storm.

It has been a busy time for solar activity. Back in March of 2022, Earth was hit by separate geomagnetic storms, according to government weather agencies in the U.S. and the U.K. 

Though the geomagnetic storms likely didn't cause any harm, they brought into focus the potential harm that could come from more powerful storms in the future.

Then earlier this month, a G1-class geomagnetic storm hit the Earth, causing bright auroras over Canada. The only problem is that nobody saw this storm coming until it was quite late. 

Five days ago, a giant sunspot and filaments on the solar surface had astronomers worried about possible Earth-directed solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs) that could lead to blackouts.

Finally, on Friday, it was reported that a massive solar flare had erupted from the Sun, which could see radio blackouts in many parts of the world.

Source: https://interestingengineering.com


21 July 2022

Former West Indies captain Ramdin retires from international cricket.

Former West Indies captain, the wicketkeeper-batter Denesh Ramdin, has announced his retirement from international cricket with immediate effect.

He will, however, continue to play franchise cricket, Ramdin said. He hasn't found a team at the upcoming edition of the CPL, though, despite having represented Guyana Amazon Warriors, St Kitts and Nevis Patriots and Trinbago Knight Riders from 2013 to 2021. He has also played for Multan Sultans at the PSL, in 2017 and 2018.

Ramdin, who played 74 Tests, 139 ODIs and 71 T20Is, started out in Test cricket, making his debut against Sri Lanka in Colombo in July 2005. His ODI debut, against India, followed later on the tour in a tri-series involving the three teams.

He played a part in West Indies' T20 World Cup triumphs in 2012 and 2016. In the first, he hardly got a chance to bat in seven matches, but effected six dismissals behind the stumps. In the second, he was unimpressive in front of the wickets, with 36 runs in four innings - in six games - at a strike rate 69.23, and had three dismissals behind the stumps.

More recently, Ramdin fell off the radar of the national selectors. His last Test and ODI appearances were back in 2016.

Source: www.espncricinfo.com


Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Draghi resigns.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi handed in his resignation on Thursday 21 to President Sergio Mattarella, who asked him to remain in office in a caretaker capacity, the head of state's office said in a statement.

The statement did not say whether Mattarella would dissolve parliament or call early elections.

Draghi, a former European Central Bank chief, bec
ame prime minister in 2021 as Italy wrestled with the coronavirus pandemic and an ailing economy, had reprimanded his squabbling national unity coalition and urged them back into line before it was too late.

He won a confidence vote in the Senate on Wednesday, but boycotts by three of his coalition allies in the voting virtually doomed any prospects for his unity government’s survival.

He had already tendered his resignation last week after one of his partners, the populist Five Star Movement, failed to back him in a confidence vote on measures tackling the high cost of living.

Source: www.aljazeera.com


20 July 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin met Turkish and Iranian leaders.

Russian President Vladimir Putin met Turkish and Iranian leaders in Tehran on Tuesday 19 - only his second foreign trip since he launched the invasion of Ukraine in February.

Unblocking Ukrainian grain exports via the Black Sea was high on the agenda - Mr Putin said progress had been made.

The civil war in Syria was also discussed, with Turkey and Russia historically backing opposing sides.

The summit was a chance for Mr Putin to show he still has international allies.

Speaking after his meeting with the Russian president, Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Tehran and Moscow should strengthen their ties, and suggested that the West was to blame for the war in Ukraine.

The US said the Russian leader's visit to Iran showed how isolated Russia has become in the wake of its invasion of Ukraine.

Source: www.bbc.com


International Chess Day - 20 June.

International Chess Day on July 20th honors the founding of the Fédération Internationale des Échecs (FIDES)in 1924. The FIDES became the governing body of the game of chess, an ancient game played around the world.

Chess developed in India during the fifth century. As the strategic game spread across continents, the pieces and rules evolved. It also shifted between classes. Once, only the upper class could afford to linger over a long, challenging game. However, the merchant class would later introduce the game to the rest of the population as they traveled around the world trading their wares.

UNESCO first proposed the observance in 1966 for chess lovers of all kinds, and the world has celebrated the day since then.

Source: www.un.org


18 July 2022

Nelson Mandela International Day - 18 July.

Every year on July 18th, Nelson Mandela International Day pays tribute to this anti-apartheid revolutionary, political leader, and activist. The day also encourages people to do their part to make the world a better place.

Nelson Mandela became South Africa’s first black head of state. He served as President of the country from 1994 to 1999. During his leadership, Mandela focused on dismantling apartheid. He did so by tackling institutionalized racism and fostering racial recognition.

Earlier in life, Mandela was a member of the African National Congress (ANC). In 1943, Mandela co-founded the ANC’s youth league. He and the ANC committed themselves to overthrowing apartheid. The National Party’s white-only government established the policy of segregation and discrimination based on race known as apartheid.

Throughout the 1950s, the government arrested Mandela multiple times, and unsuccessfully tried him for treason. In 1962, the court gave him a life sentence for conspiring to overthrow the state. Mandela served 27 years in prison before being released in 1990 by President F.W. de Klerk.

Following his presidency, Mandela remained active in politics and humanitarian efforts. Through his charity, the Nelson Mandela Foundation, he focused primarily on fighting poverty and HIV/AIDS. Many people considered Mandela a controversial figure. Despite this fact, Mandela has received over 250 honors, including the Nobel Peace Prize. His home country honors Nelson Mandela with the name “Father of the Nation.”

In 2009, the UN General Assembly declared July 18th as Nelson Mandela International Day. The date celebrates Nelson Mandela’s birthday. He was born on July 18th, 1918. He died on December 5, 2013, at the age of 95. In 2015, the UN extended the scope of this day to promote humane conditions of imprisonment. They did this by adopting a resolution that called for the formation of the UN Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners, also known as the Nelson Mandela Rules.


World Listening Day - 18 July.

Every year on July 18th, World Listening Day encourages people to take time to listen to the sounds of nature. It’s also a day to learn more about field recording.

Listening plays an important role in understanding one another. Listening is also important when trying to understand the world around us. Learning about the relationship between humans and their environment through sound is called acoustic ecology.

The World Listening Project (WLP) was founded in 2008. The charitable organization is devoted to foster understanding of the world and its natural environment through listening and field recording. In 2010, the WLP created World Listening Day. They chose July 18th to commemorate R. Murray Schafer’s birthday. Schafer is a renowned Canadian composer, author, and environmentalist. He is best known for his studies on acoustic ecology. 

Source: https://worldlisteningday.org


17 July 2022

New COVID-19 Omicron sub-variant BA.2.75 detected

New COVID-19 Omicron sub-variant BA.2.75 detected in countries like India.

A new sub-lineage BA.2.75 of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus has been detected in countries like India and the World Health Organisation is following this, Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said.

“On COVID-19, globally reported cases have increased nearly 30 per cent over the past two weeks. Four out of six of the WHO sub-regions saw cases increase in the last week,” Ghebreyesus said.

Source: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com


Astronomers have detected a Rotating Galaxy from the early eays of the Universe.

A team of astronomers have used the ALMA telescope to find a slowly-rotating galaxy in the early Universe. That galaxy is the youngest ever found with a measured rotation, and it's much slower than present-day galaxies.

All galaxies rotate, usually at incredible speeds. For example, the Milky Way galaxy has a rotation speed of over 200 kilometers per second. But astronomers do not yet understand how galaxies build up to these speeds. The only way to tell is through measurements of galaxies throughout cosmic time, building up a map of galactic evolution.

Recently a team of astronomers based at Waseda University in Tokyo used ALMA (the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array) in Chile to observe an extremely distant galaxy. This galaxy, MACS1149-JD1, is so far away that it's normally far too dim to be observed.

But the light from that galaxy passes through a giant galaxy cluster, and the gravitational lensing from that cluster magnifies MACS1149-JD1. Astronomers can use this magnification to see the galaxy.

Source: www.sciencealert.com




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