Scientists in Canada detected an 8 billion-year-old radio signal in a distant galaxy.

Scientists have detected a record-breaking radio signal from atomic hydrogen in a very distant galaxy. The galaxy that the signal originated from is believed to have come from a galaxy at redshift z=1.29. Because of the galaxy’s immense distance, the emission line had shifted to a 48 cm line from the 21 cm line they had expected.

This discovery is phenomenal because the galaxy that it originated from is believed to have existed when the universe was only 4.9 billion years old – making the source of the record-breaking radio signal 8.8 billion years old.

The detection was possible because the scientists used gravitational lensing to detect and follow the signal back to its source galaxy. The magnification of the lensing was a factor of 30, the scientists explained, which allowed the group to see through the high redshift of the universe. Further, the team observed that the atomic hydrogen mass of the galaxy was twice as high as its stellar mass.

Source: https://bgr.com


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