Mysterious Hand Imprint discovered in 1,000-year-old moat wall in Jerusalem.

A moat that once stood in the way of the invading Crusader armies has been discovered beneath the Old City of Jerusalem, bringing to life some of the bloodiest and most iconic battles of the later Middle Ages. 

While excavating the ancient line of defense, archaeologists also happened upon a handprint carved into the wall of the moat, yet are unable to offer an explanation as to who made the imprint or what significance it may hold.

The protective channel surrounded the famous city walls and is thought to have been dug no later than the 10th century CE. According to Israel Antiquities Authority excavation director Zubair Adawi, the moat was at least 10 meters (33 feet) wide and between and 2 and 7 meters (6.5 to 23 feet) deep. 

The famous city walls and gates that surround the Old City today were built in the 16th century by the Turkish Ottoman Sultan Suleiman I the Magnificent, yet the ancient fortifications that protected Jerusalem prior to this point would have been far more impenetrable, say the archaeologists.

Source: www.iflscience.com


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