Disappointing end to UK space mission as satellites fail to reach orbit.

A historic space mission that took off from Cornwall has ended in bitter disappointment after a rocket carrying the first satellites launched from British soil failed to reach orbit and was lost.

To whoops and cheers from a crowd that had gathered at Spaceport Cornwall to watch the launch, a converted Boeing 747 called Cosmic Girl took off on Monday night and headed out across the Atlantic.

It successfully released its rocket, called LauncherOne, carrying a payload of nine satellites off the south coast of Ireland.

But shortly after Virgin Orbit, which is leading the mission, announced there had been “an anomaly” and the rocket failed to reach the required altitude.

The rocket and satellites were lost but the UK Space Agency insisted they posed no danger and were expected to burn or break up over the north Atlantic. The 747 returned to Cornwall safely.

Source: www.theguardian.com


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