Amazon back as world's most valued brand.

Amazon has reclaimed the top spot as the world’s most valuable brand despite its brand value falling 15 per cent this year from $350.3 billion to $299.3 billion, said a new report.

According to brand valuation consultancy Brand Finance’s report, “Global 500 2023”, while Amazon is back at No 1, its brand value has fallen by over $50 billion this year, with its rating slipping from AAA+ to AAA. This is as consumers evaluate it more harshly in the post-pandemic world.

Brand Finance’s research has found that perception of customer service at Amazon has fallen – at the same time as delivery times have lengthened. And so, consumers have become less likely to recommend Amazon to others.

Also, with pandemic restrictions ending, people are returning to shopping in-store, which has, to some extent, impacted the need for online retail.

Apple (brand value down 16 per cent to $297.5 billion from $355.1 billion) has, meanwhile, slipped to second slot to be ranked the world’s second most valuable brand. This year’s fall in brand value relates to a fall in forecast revenue with supply chain disruptions and a constrained labour market expected to limit the supply of its marquee hardware products.

In all 48 tech brands featured in the ranking, two down from the 50 rated in 2022. This is after Snapchat and Twitter dropped out.

The other tech-focused brands to lose value include Samsung Group (brand value down 7 per cent to $99.7 billion), Alibaba.com (down 56 per cent to $10.0 billion), Facebook (down 42 per cent to $59.0 billion) and WeChat (down 19 per cent to $50.2 billion).

Source: https://brandfinance.com


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