World Thrombosis Day - 13 October

On October 13th, World Thrombosis Day places attention on the overlooked medical condition of thrombosis. It’s also a day for those affected by thrombosis to share their stories.

Thrombosis is a medical condition in which blood clots block the blood vessels. The two types of thrombosis include venous thrombosis and arterial thrombosis. Venous thrombosis occurs when the blood clot blocks a vein. When the blood clot blocks an artery it is called arterial thrombosis.

One of the most common kinds of thrombosis is called deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Some of the primary causes of DVT include:

  • Sitting for long periods of time.
  • Prolonged bed rest, such as a long hospital stay.
  • Injury to the veins.
  • Birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy.
  • Being overweight.

People over the age of 60, pregnant women, and those who smoke are also at an increased risk of developing DVT. It’s also possible to have thrombosis without any risk factors present. Symptoms of thrombosis in the affected leg include pain or swelling, discolored skin, and a feeling of warmth.

Treatment options for any kind of thrombosis usually include blood-thinning medications. Catheters can also be placed inside the blood vessels to widen them. Ways to prevent thrombosis include staying active, losing weight, quitting smoking, exercising during long trips, and managing other health conditions.

The International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH) founded World Thrombosis Day in 2014. They chose October 13th as a way to commemorate the birthday of Rudolf Virchow. Dr. Virchow was a pioneer in the pathophysiology of thrombosis. The German physician and pathologist developed the concept of thrombosis and provided an advanced understanding of this condition.

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