Experts Says to Give Legal Rights to Animals, Trees, and Rivers.

According to scientists, countries must grant legal rights and protections to non-human things like animals, plants, and rivers if they want to combat climate collapse and biodiversity loss.

According to the research titled Law in the Emerging Bio Age, legal frameworks are crucial for regulating how people interact with the environment and biotechnology.

There are currently laws in Bolivia and Ecuador that protect the environment, and there is a movement to have ecocide considered a crime by the international criminal court. The Law Society, the governing organization for solicitors in England and Wales, commissioned a research to examine how people's interactions with the environment may change.

Developments in biotechnology also question the ethics of saving species from extinction or destroying existing ones. Scientists are considering returning woolly mammoths, and eliminating mosquitoes, which spread illnesses like malaria, has been discussed.

Source: www.natureworldnews.com


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