Two new mosquito species identified within Sri Lanka.

The Department of Entomology of Medical Research Institute of Sri Lanka (MRI) has identified two new mosquito species within Sri Lanka, increasing its bio-diversity.

The two newly identified mosquito species namely Culex sintellus and Culex niyainfula have reportedly been found in the Mirigama and Kalutara areas.

The National Organizer of the Association of Health Entomology officials, Disnaka Dissanayake mentioned that the two mosquito species have reportedly been identified in Thailand and India previously.

Culex niyainfula, one of the two newly found mosquito species within the island, has referred to as closely related to the particular species of Culex infilula mosquito, which is widespread in India and is linked with the spread of the disease called Cerebral Malaria.

He further pointed out that Culex sintellus, the other mosquito species found in the country recently, has not yet been reported to be a vector of any disease across the world, whilst research are underway to find out whether it is an active vector within Sri Lanka.

Disnaka Dissanayake, the National Organizer of the relevant association noted that further research will be conducted on the spread and the impact the new mosquito species will have on Sri Lanka’s biodiversity.

Three more new mosquito species have also been discovered by entomology officials within Sri Lanka, while samples of four other mosquito species found in the country have been sent to a Korean university for the genetic identification process, he added further.


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