World Migratory Bird Day - 08 October (Second Saturday in May and Second Saturday in October)

World Migratory Bird Day is observed twice a year during the second Saturday in May and again on the second Saturday in October. The goal is to raise awareness of issues affecting migratory birds and to inspire action around the world to take measures for their conservation.

Migrating birds may fly from 15 to 600 miles or more per day during migration, depending on when they are migrating, how far they have to go, and the conditions they face along the route. While most migrating birds fly at heights lower than 2,000 feet, birds have been recorded migrating at up to 30,000 feet high, a record held by the bar-headed goose. Hawks, swifts, swallows, and waterfowl migrate primarily during the day, while many songbirds migrate at night, in part to avoid the attention of migrating predators.

Since 1993, the Environment for the Americas coordinates the bi-yearly observances of World Migratory Bird Day. Dozens of organizations sponsor events including the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

Source: https://nationaldaycalendar.com


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