Secret communication of sea animals discovered.

A scientist has found that 53 sea creatures previously thought to be silent can actually communicate.

The creatures were sending message all along, but humans had never thought to listen to them, Gabriel Jorgewich-Cohen suggests.

He used microphones to record the species, including turtles, communicating they wanted to mate or hatch from the egg.

The findings claim to re-write some of what we know about evolution.

They suggest that all vertebrates that breathe through their noses and use sound to communicate descended from a single ancestor 400 million years ago.

It is a strong claim in evolutionary biology which debates whether living things descended from a single ancestor or from multiple origins.

Mr Jorgewich-Cohen, a PhD student at University of Zurich, Switzerland began his work with a hunch that marine animals might communicate with sound.

He used sound and video equipment to record 53 species in captivity around the world, including at Chester Zoo in England.

The creatures included 50 turtles, a tuatara, a lungfish and a caecilian.

Source: www.bbc.com


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