World Day for Audiovisual Heritage - 27 October.

World Day for Audiovisual Heritage on October 27th seeks to raise awareness about the need to preserve important audiovisual material for future generations.

In today’s world of technology, we create and find most types of information in digital form. This technology includes music, videos, and audio. Things like cassette tapes, film reels, and VHS tapes are all becoming obsolete. While we still have CDs and DVDs, even these types of media aren’t as popular as they once were.

In recognizing this trend, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) knew something had to be done to protect audiovisual material. UNESCO realizes audiovisual documents contain the history of the 20th and 21st centuries. Unfortunately, these documents can easily be destroyed or damaged. For these reasons, it’s all the more important to preserve our audiovisual heritage.

Safeguarding these valuable documents is essential if they are to be handed down to future generations. These recordings contain memories. They tell stories making up our cultural heritage. Without them, we would lose some of our history forever.

World Day for Audiovisual Heritage also celebrates those who do dedicate their energy to archiving and protecting our heritage. Many caretakers, including librarians and archivists, work hard to preserve our audiovisual heritage. They care greatly for these valuable collections. It takes knowledge and devotion to preserve, digitize, and provide access to audiovisual files.

On October 27, 1980, UNESCO adopted the Recommendation for the Safeguarding and Preservation of Moving Images. During UNESCO’s conference in 2005, the General Conference passed a resolution to proclaim October 27th as World Day for Audiovisual Heritage History. The date commemorates the resolution passed 15 years earlier.

The 2022 World Day for Audiovisual Heritage will be celebrated in conjunction with the 30th anniversary of the Memory of the World Programme. The celebration will take place from 27 October to 5 November 2022, under the theme “Enlisting documentary heritage to promote inclusive, just and peaceful societies”. Taking its cue from the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, documentary heritage, as an information resource, lends itself both to the “public access to information” component of Target of 16.10 of SDG 16 and its “fundamental freedoms” component. With respect to the theme of the celebration, while the question of ensuring universal access to documentary heritage remains a foundational concern, there is a strong focus on how documentary heritage can be used to promote inclusive, just and peaceful societies.

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