World's Largest Offshore Wind Farm is finally operational.

Hornsea 2, a wind farm off the coast of the UK, is now fully operational and ready to help power around 1.3 million U.K. homes. With 165 turbines covering an area of 462 square kilometers (roughly 178 square miles), it is officially the biggest offshore wind farm on the planet.

The new farm’s claim to fame as the world’s largest will be short-lived, however. The Dogger Bank wind farm, which is due to start coming on stream next year, will eventually be able to power a whopping 6 million homes – more than four times the number powered by Hornsea 2.

Hornsea 2 is located about 89 kilometers (55 miles) offshore, and at that distance, it can be hard to appreciate just how big these babies are. Each of the 165 turbines rises about 200 meters (656 feet) above the sea, with each of the three blades stretching 81 meters (266 feet) across – each one is about the height of the Washington Monument and the width of … also the Washington Monument, actually, except rotating.

The announcement marks the completion of a project which first started delivering energy back in December 2021. A single rotation of the blades can reportedly power one UK home for 24 hours. Since each revolution takes just six seconds, that scales up to more than 14,000 homes every day, for every turbine.

Source: https://iflscience.com


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