North Korea passes law allowing nuclear strikes as a form of defence.

North Korea has passed a law declaring its readiness to launch preemptive nuclear strikes, including in the face of conventional attacks, state media said.

The move effectively eliminates the possibility of denuclearisation talks, with leader Kim Jong Un saying the country's status as a nuclear state was now "irreversible".

The announcement comes at a time of heightened tension between North and South, with Pyongyang blaming Seoul for the outbreak of Covid-19 in its territory and conducting a record number of weapons tests this year. orean Central News Agency (KCNA) said. 

The law specifically states the North can use nuclear weapons "in case of a nuclear or non-nuclear attack by hostile forces on the state leadership and the command organization of the state's nuclear forces", among other situations, according to state media. 

Source: www.france24.com


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