World Bamboo Day - 18 September.

World Bamboo Day is observed every year on September 18, in order to create public awareness about bamboo and its various uses.

Bamboo is a natural resource that has to be used sustainably for a variety of global business needs. In places like Southeast Asia, East Asia, and South Asia, the use of bamboo is extremely important.

The purpose of celebrating this day is to support the developing bamboo market in rural regions. Because it will give the local inhabitants living close to the bamboo industry a means of subsistence.

The World Bamboo Organization declared September 18 to be World Bamboo Day at the eighth World Bamboo Congress, which took place in Bangkok in 2009. At the meeting, representatives from nearly 100 different countries unanimously voted to mark September 18 as World Bamboo Day. 

WBO seeks to raise public awareness of the potential economic benefits of bamboo and to emphasise the importance of its cultivation in new industries. The day is also recognised as Royal Thai Forestry Day.

The day is important because global awareness of bamboo is raised through Bamboo Day. This day encourages the protection and advancing the bamboo industry throughout the globe.

Community economic development assists traditional local communities in obtaining a source of income.

This year the theme of World Bamboo Day 2022 is-  "Bamboo for Green Life and Sustainable Development". 

In contrast to other plants, bamboo can be used to make a wide range of useful products, including food (in the form of shoots), poles for agriculture and construction, panels and composite materials for homes and buildings, a variety of domestic products (furniture, kitchen utensils, etc.), transportation (including boats, bicycles, skateboards, and even ultra-light aeroplanes), pulp and paper, fiber for textiles, and medical and biochemical products (including bio-plastic).

Bamboo is one of the most profitable non-timber forest products, giving millions of people living in impoverished rural regions a way to make a living.

Source: https://news.abplive.com


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