World Gratitude Day - 21 September.

World Gratitude Day is celebrated on September 21 annually. This day aims to remind us of the importance of expressing gestures of thanks and appreciation. Understandably, sometimes we can get caught up in our busy lives and neglect to show how grateful we are for the people around us. Many people believe that once you commit a simple act of kindness for someone, you don’t need to manifest that kind of kindness repeatedly. But if you do, it makes the world a better place. After all, it’s your world, and you have to live in it.

The idea of World Gratitude Day came about in 1965 during Thanksgiving dinner in the meditation room of the United Nations building. Sri Chimnoy, a spiritual leader and meditation teacher, suggested a day of thanks the whole world could celebrate together. Each member present resolved to hold a gratitude gathering each year in their country on September 21.

In 1977 a group that ran the meditation room requested a resolution that gave recognition for World Gratitude Day. This occurred at the New York Headquarters during a special ceremony that honored Sri Chimnoy for his work. It has been an annual observance ever since.

Source: https://nationaldaycalendar.com


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