World Dream Day - 25 September.

Each year on September 25th World Dream Day encourages individuals, families, and communities around the world to make their dreams a reality. It’s also a day to activate ideas and declare new possibilities.

Many things in our world start out as a dream. This is the way many inventions come into being. It’s also how songs and books are written and goals achieved. Sometimes it’s a literal dream that makes something come to life. This happened when the world-famous filmmaker, James Cameron, became ill and laid down to rest. A fever dream led him to the idea for the movie, The Terminator.

Sometimes the dream is more of a wish or desire for something to come true. The famous speech made by Martin Luther King, Jr. relayed his desire for civil rights and an end to racism. Even if those things have not been fully realized, his dream had an enormous impact. This is why goals are so important. They don’t just have to remain fantasies. Sometimes with hard work and dedication, they can become a reality. Not only to improve your life but to make the world a better place.

World Dream Day was founded in 2012 by educator and transformational strategist, Ozioma Egwuonwu. Her goal was to create a day that would help to inspire and heal humanity. Through the years, a variety of organizations and businesses have become strategic partners with World Dream Day. In 2013, World Dream Day partnered with the United Nations My World 2013 initiative.

This year 2022 theme: "The Higher Dream"

Source: https://worlddreamday.org


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