World's Most Polluted Cities - 2020.

According to a report prepared by HouseFresh, a British company, Ghaziabad was the second most polluted city in the world in 2020. As per the report, Bangladesh was the most polluted country in the world in 2020. The report has stated that after Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and Mongolia, were the most polluted countries in 2020. 

The report, which named 50 'most polluted cities' in the world, stated that Ghaziabad had an average air quality index (AQI) of 2.5 particulate matter (PM) in 106.6µg/m3. 

The report stated that China's Hotan province is the most polluted city in the world as it recorded PM2.5 of 110.2µg/m3. The report attributed the poor air quality level in Hotan to sandstorms resulting due to its proximity to the Taklimakan Desert. 

After Hotan and Ghaziabad, Bangladesh's Manikganj was ranked as the third most polluted city of the world with a PM2.5 of 80.2µg/m3.

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