04 October 2021

World Space Week: 04 - 10 October 2021

World Space Week is observed from 04th to 10th October every year. World Space Week 2021 celebrates “Women in Space”!. 

Over 90 countries celebrating accomplishments and contributions of women to the space sector and sciences. In 2020, more than 6,500 events were organized in over 60 countries under the theme “Satellites Improve Life”.

The UN General Assembly declared in 1999 to Observed it. 04 October 1957 marked the launch of the first human made Earth Satellite, Sputnik 1. 

Also on 10th October 1967 marked the signing of the Treaty on principles governing the activities of states in the exploration and use of outer space, including the moon and other celestial bodies.

This year,  we are celebrating women in space. To open the conversations, we interviewed our Executive Director World Space Week Association, Maruška Strah. Listen to Maruška as she explains what her hopes and thoughts are for the World Space Week in 2021 and what we can all do to make it happen. 

Each year, the World Space Week Association (WSWA) selects a theme for the upcoming World Space Week (WSW) to provide a focus of the activities and events that take a place throughout the world, during 4-10 October.

In 2021, World Space Week is dedicated to the theme of “Women in Space”.

Source: www.worldspaceweek.org



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