World Development Information Day - 24 Ocober.

World Development Information Day is celebrated annually on October 24th. The day focuses on improving the dissemination of information and mobilizing public opinion, especially among young people.

The primary goal for improving the dissemination of information and mobilizing public opinion is to create awareness for problems of development. Once the world brings its attention to the issues of development, countries around the world are better equipped to solve such problems.

The General Assembly believes information and communication technologies are vital to solving development problems. This is especially true in the context of globalization. New solutions to development challenges have the potential to foster economic growth, increase access to information and knowledge, improve social inclusion, and eradicate poverty.

The United Nations established World Development Information Day in 1972. The Assembly decided to make the day coincide with United Nations Day. Both days are observed on October 24th. This is the same date that in 1970, the UN adopted the International Development Strategy for the Second United Nations Development Decade.

Source: www.un.org.


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