02 October 2021

World No Alcohol Day - 02 October.

On October 2nd, World No Alcohol Day encourages the general public to say no to alcohol. The day also focuses on the dangers of alcohol.

For many people, alcohol offers a fun and relaxing way to socialize with others. Some drink alcohol to help relieve stress. When alcohol is consumed responsibly, and in moderation, it usually doesn’t pose any major problems. However, when someone drinks too much alcohol, they become intoxicated, which reduces their physical and mental control. This can cause serious damage. Driving while intoxicated often cause accidents and injuries. Someone who is intoxicated might be more likely to strike another person physically. Many cases of domestic abuse occur when one has been drinking alcohol.

Every year the harmful use of alcohol causes 3 million deaths. There is a relationship between the harmful use of alcohol and many mental and behavioral disorders. The harmful use of alcohol brings social and economic losses to individuals and societies. Harmful alcohol use plays a role in 200 diseases and injuries. Some of the diseases related to excessive alcohol use include high blood pressure, liver disease, stroke, and various types of cancer.

In the United States, one person dies every 50 minutes in alcohol-related vehicle crashes. The total cost for alcohol-related vehicle crashes is over $44 billion a year.

In 2008, India proposed a World No Alcohol Day during the World Health Assembly in Geneva. They chose the date of October 2nd as it marked the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, who was born in 1869. Gandhi was a social activist who led the Temperance Movement in India. The proposal received support from 11 countries in Southeast Asia. On the same day of the proposal, 193 World Health Organization (WHO) members signed a resolution to reduce alcohol-related harm. In addition, many organizations, including the International Council of Nurses, have observed the day throughout the years.

Source: https://alcoholcampaign.org.



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