02 October 2021

Two new species of spinosaur dinosaurs discovered from the Isle of Wight.

Two new species of carnivorous dinosaurs have been discovered from the England's Isle of Wight. 

Named 'riverbank hunter' and the 'hell heron' after the environment in which they would have lived,  both were a type of dinosaur known as spinosaurids. They are thought to have roamed what is now the island around 129 million years ago.  

The Isle of Wight has revealed two astonishing new species of carnivorous dinosaurs. The finds are important in improving the understanding of the group to which they belong, the spinosaurs, and how these animals spread out across the world.  

While remains of these dinosaurs have been found widely, the fossils of spinosaurids are often missing major bones that make it difficult to assess their species. What sets the new finds on the Isle of Wight apart is that significant features, such as the skull and tail, are relatively intact. 

Jeremy Lockwood, a PhD student at the Museum who helped discover the fossils, says, 'To find two animals is extraordinary. They're so rare, and spinosaurid material across the world is very fragmentary, so to get substantial amounts of skull material from two animals is amazing.  

Source: www.nhm.ac.uk



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