15 October 2021

Global Handwashing Day - 15 October.

Global Handwashing Day is observed every year on October 15th. The day reminds people around the world to wash their hands with soap.

You might not think that by merely washing your hands with soap, you could be saving a life. It seems like such a mundane thing to do. It’s something your parents or teachers have drilled into your head for years. “Remember to wash your hands.” That’s because washing your hands, with soap of course, is the best way to get rid of germs.

The Global Handwashing Partnership (GHP) established Global Handwashing Day in 2008. The primary focus of the first Global Handwashing Day was school children. The GHP was formed in 2001 and includes government agencies, corporations, academic institutions, and multilateral organizations. This coalition of international stakeholders works to promote handwashing with soap as a way to improve health around the world.

This year’s theme, “Our Future is at Hand – Let’s Move Forward Together,” calls for coordinated action as we actively work toward universal hand hygiene.

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