02 October 2021

Chinese organic manure sample rejected due to contains of Bacillus Bacteria.

Due to the presence of Bacillus bacteria in the fresh sample of the Chinese organic fertiliser, the agriculture department has rejected the organic fertiliser from that country, Agriculture Director General Dr. Ajantha de Silva said.

He told the Daily Mirror that two tests have been conducted on the organic fertiliser samples. The results revealed that there is a serious issue with the bacteria which should not enter the country.

Therefore, the Ministry has decided to cancel the supplier's contract to import the Chinese organic fertiliser due to the above mentioned factor, Dr. Silva said.

With the rejection to bring this fertiliser, the farmers will not face any threats to their agricultural activities, as the Ministry granted permission to several private firms to import them, he said.

Every consignment of fertiliser that are imported into the country should be channeled  through out strict process. The Agriculture Department will never allow such organic fertilizer with harmful bacteria to enter the country.

He also said that no Chinese manure is being imported into the country categorised as organic fertiliser, and that will never happen, the DG confirmed. 



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