World's deepest swimming pool opens its doors in Poland.

World's deepest swimming pool opens its doors in Poland.

The world's deepest swimming pool opened on Saturday in the Polish town of Mszczonow, near Warsaw.

The swimming pool, called 'Deepspot,' is 45.4-metres-deep and filled with 8,000 cubic metres of water - more than twenty times the volume of a standard 25-meter-long pool.

The venue features reproductions of underwater caves and Mayan ruins, as well as a small shipwreck that can be explored.

Unlike ordinary pools, the 'Deepspot' complex can accommodate customers during the current pandemic, as it is considered a training centre for divers.

The swimming pool is also going to be used by firefighters and the army.

The construction lasted two years and cost 40 million zlotys (€8.9 million). Around 5,000 cubic metres of concrete were used.

Despite its immense size, 'Deepspot' is however set to lose its crown soon, as a new, 50-meter-deep swimming pool, called 'Abyss,' is set to open in Merseyside, UK, in 2021.

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