The moon may be 40 million years older than we thought, Apollo 17 samples suggest.

Fresh analysis of the bits of our moon, brought home by Apollo 17 astronauts, has suggested our moon is 40 million years older than we previously thought.

That suggests the moon is 4.46 billion years old, rather than 4.42 billion years old as previously estimated. The scientists behind the analysis say a more precise age helps us better understand the history and evolution of the moon, as well as Earth.

A prevailing theory, known as the giant-impact hypothesis, posits the moon formed from the ejecta of a collision between a Mars-sized object and a young Earth. That blasted-out material, bounded by its own gravity, is believed to have created the moon we see today. Exactly when this collision occurred and how long the moon took to form, however, has remained an open question thus far.

Source: www.space.com


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