International Emmy Awards 2023.

The global television stage lit up on Monday night in New York as the 2023 International Emmy Awards celebrated outstanding achievements in the industry. The diverse lineup of nominees, spanning 20 countries across six continents, showcased the international prowess of television. Netflix emerged as a standout with two Best Comedy series winners: “Derry Girls” and “Vir Das: Landing,” the latter featuring the comedic genius of Vir Das, one of India’s top comedians.

Ektaa Kapoor Receives Prestigious Directorate Award

Esteemed film and television producer Ektaa Kapoor was recognized with the coveted Directorate Award, a testament to her significant contributions to the entertainment industry.

Vir Das: Landing and Derry Girls Share Best Comedy Series Honors

In a historic moment, both “Vir Das: Landing” and “Derry Girls” season 3 secured the Best Comedy Series award. Vir Das’s stand-up special showcased his comedic brilliance, earning him well-deserved accolades.

Emmy Awards 2023 Winners in Key Categories:

  1. Best Drama Series: “The Empress”
  2. Best Actress: Karla Souza in “La Caida” (Dive)
  3. Best Actor: Martin Freeman in “The Responder”
  4. Best TV Movie/Mini-Series: “La Caida” (Dive)
  5. Best Non-Scripted Entertainment: “A Ponte – The Bridge Brasil”
  6. Best Short-Form Series: “Des Gens Bien Ordinaires” (A Very Ordinary World)
  7. Best Live-Action – For Kids: “Heartbreak High”
  8. Best Factual And Entertainment For Kids: “Built To Survive”
  9. Best Documentary: “Mariupol: The People’s Story”
  10. Best Sports Documentary: “Harley and Katya”
  11. Best Arts Programming: “Buffy Sainte-Marie: Carry It On”
  12. Best Telenovela: “Yargi” (Family Secrets)
  13. Best Animation for Kids: “The Smeds and The Smoos”

This diverse array of winners reflects the richness and variety of global television content, showcasing excellence across genres and cultures.

As the curtain falls on the 2023 International Emmy Awards, the spotlight remains on the outstanding contributions of artists and creators who continue to push the boundaries of storytelling on the global stage.

Source: www.iemmys.tv


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