A newly discovered comet will shine bright in the Hercules constellation tonight.

A relatively newly discovered comet is set to reach its brightest point over Earth during its 2023 appearance tonight.

The brightening of comet C/2023 H2 (Lemmon) will happen on Friday (Nov. 10) because this is when the icy traveler is set to reach its closest point to Earth  —  its perigee. At this time, it will be 17.6 million miles (28.3 million km) from our planet, which is about a fifth of the distance between Earth and the sun. Around the same time, comet C/2023 H2 (Lemmon) will be around 85 million miles (137 million km) from the sun.

According to In the Sky from New York City, comet C/2023 H2 (Lemmon) will become visible at around 5:49 p.m. EST (2249 GMT). At this time, the comet will be 50 degrees over the horizon to the west as the sky darkens (the width of your fist at arm's length equals about ten degrees). After this, comet C/2023 H2 (Lemmon) will remain visible until around 10:29 p.m. EST (0339 GMT on Nov. 11), when it sinks to the horizon. 

Source: www.space.com


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