Archaeologists Uncover Biblical Truth in Town Captured by Pharoah.

Archaeologists have used radiocarbon dating to uncover the truth behind events referenced in Biblical texts regarding an ancient Levantine city.

Archaeological finds have occasionally corroborated ancient texts, such as those told in the Bible. A study published in the PLOS ONE scientific journal on Wednesday afternoon details archaeologists' most recent finds. The researchers used radiocarbon dates on organic materials from the 13th to 9th centuries providing a glimpse into cataclysmic changes that took place in the ancient city of Gezer, a location often referenced in Egyptian, Assyrian and Biblical texts.

Researchers studied the radiocarbon dates of 35 organic materials, mostly seeds, that were found in multiple layers of rock at Gezer, an archeological site in Israel believed to have played an important role in the cultural and political events during Biblical times. The radiocarbon dates were believed to span multiple significant changes that took place in the ancient city, such as destructive events and rebuilding episodes, according to a press release.

The discoveries correlate with certain events detailed in Biblical and other ancient texts, such as the destruction of Gezer under the pharaoh Merneptah, while showing that similar stories did not correlate with the radiocarbon dates, such as the fall of Gezer under Hazael, an ancient ruler first mentioned in 1 Kings 19:15-17.

Source: www.newsweek.com


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