BMW to expand German production of Electric Vehicles.

BERLIN -- BMW is expanding its German production capacity for electric-vehicle components.

The automaker will add its Leipzig plant as a production site for modules for the high-voltage batteries of the BMW's electrified vehicles.

In a statement on Wednesday, BMW said it will invest more than 100 million euros ($117 million) by 2022 in battery production in Leipzig. BMW builds the i3 battery-powered hatchback at the plant.

BMW's factory in Dingolfing, Bavaria, is currently the automaker's only battery components plant in Germany. Outside of Germany, plants in Spartanburg, S.C., and Shenyang, China, build battery parts.

The factories assemble battery modules from cells supplied by outside suppliers.

The automaker aims to have 25 electrified vehicles on the road by 2023, half of which will be full-electric models.

As early as 2021, one in four BMW Group vehicles sold in Europe is expected to be fitted with an electric drive, the company said. By 2025, it will be one in three, and one in two by 2030.

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