World Philosophy Day - 17 November

Every third Thursday in November, World Philosophy Day promotes the intellectual culture of philosophical debate that respects dignity and diversity. The day also encourages academic exchange, highlighting the role philosophy plays in addressing global issues.

The word philosophy comes from the Greek word, phílosophía. This word means the love of wisdom. Philosophy is a field of human thought that gets at the meaning of life. Everyone is encouraged to be a student of philosophy. Studying philosophy helps students academically and throughout their lives. They will write more clearly and be better equipped to answer questions asked by potential employers. But they will also be able to spot faulty reasoning.

UNESCO points to these five objectives for World Philosophy Day:

  • Renew the global commitment to philosophy
  • Use philosophy to respond more effectively to challenges facing humanity
  • Raise awareness about the importance of philosophy
  • Assess the value in teaching philosophy as a way to decrease unequal access
  • Underline the importance of teaching philosophy to future generations

UNESCO hopes that emphasizing philosophy will encourage world leaders to work together. Global collaboration is crucial for overcoming major global challenges. For example, philosophy can address migration, environmental change, and artificial intelligence.

UNESCO introduced World Philosophy Day in 2002. During the 2005 General Conference, UNESCO proclaimed that World Philosophy Day be celebrated every third Thursday of November.

2022 Edition: The Human of the Future

To celebrate World Philosophy Day 2022, UNESCO and Le Fresnoy - National Studio of Contemporary Arts organize a symposium and exhibition on the theme "The Human of the Future" at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, Room II, from 16 to 18 November 2022.

Source: www.unesco.org


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