International Pathology Day - 10 November.

On the second Wednesday in November, International Pathology Day offers a platform for pathology and laboratory medicine services to address global health challenges. It’s also a day to find ways to improve the health outcomes of communities around the world.

Pathology is a branch of medicine that is concerned with the cause and nature of disease. A doctor who specializes in this area of medicine is called a pathologist. They examine various parts of the body to diagnose a disease. Some of the parts of the body they study include tissues, organs, and bodily fluids. Pathologists also perform autopsies to help determine the cause of death.

Pathology Disciplines

  • General pathology – studies the mechanisms behind cell and tissue injury and also how the body responds to the injury.
  • Anatomical pathology – involves the microscopic analysis of body tissue and bodily fluids to detect disease; is sometimes used in forensics to determine the cause of death.
  • Clinical pathology – also known as laboratory medicine and is used to analyze blood, urine, and tissue samples to diagnose disease.
  • Chemical pathology – also known as biochemistry and studies changes in hormones, electrolytes, bodily fluids, and other substances in the body to diagnose disease.
  • Genetics – performs tests on chromosomes and DNA in order to detect genetic disease.
  • Hematology – diagnoses diseases pertaining to the blood, such as anemia, blood clots, and bleeding disorders.
  • Immunology – performs tests to determine whether someone has allergies or an autoimmune disease.

As you can see, pathology plays a key role in detecting and diagnosing disease in the human body. But this field of study is not without its challenges. Some of the challenges pathologists face today include a global shortage of pathologists, the increasing complexity of tests, and an increased workload due to an aging population and higher rates of cancer.

The Royal College of Pathologists, along with pathology and laboratory medicine institutions around the world, launched International Pathology Day in 2014. The Royal College of Pathologists is a London-based professional membership organization that has over 11,000 members worldwide. The majority of members are doctors and scientists who work in the UK.

Source: https://nationaldaycalendar.com


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