France is paying car drivers nearly $4,000 to switch to an electric bike.

France will now pay you €4,000 (nearly US $4,000) to swap your old polluting car for a cleaner, more efficient, and more city-appropriate electric bicycle. That marks a major increase in the incentive designed to improve French cities.

Pedal bicycles are also included in the generous incentive package, though e-bikes are contributing to one of the biggest jumps in cycling ever across Europe and much of the world.

As reported by The Times, the full €4,000 incentive is awarded to those in lower income brackets that live in low-emission urban zones. Wealthier two-wheel converts will receive a reduced incentive commensurate with their income level. For those looking to buy a new electric bike but not ready to give up their polluting car, a subsidy of up to €400 is available.

Some cities have even more generous electric bicycle subsidies. The Socialist-Green council of Paris offers up to €500 toward the purchase of an e-bike or a folding pedal bike.

Source: https://electrek.co


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