104 year old Dorothy Hoffner who set the record dies days after sky diving.

Dorothy Hoffner, the 104-year-old Chicago woman who set the record for the oldest tandem skydive, died in her sleep just days after the monumental jump.

Hoffner made worldwide news just 10 days ago on October 1, when she became the oldest living person to jump out of a plane ... when she went skydiving at Skydive Chicago.

The record is still being confirmed by Guinness, but Dorothy toppled the previous record held by a 103-year-old Swedish woman who jumped in 2022.

As far as the timing, it appears to be nothing more than a coincidence. Dorothy died in her sleep.

In fact, Hoffner was over the moon after the jump, telling local media ... “Skydiving is a wonderful experience, and it’s nothing to be afraid of. Just do it!”

Source: www.tmz.com


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