Scientists just unveiled the world's first Wooden Electrical Transistor.

Researchers at Linköping University and the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden clearly never paid much attention to lists of things wood is bad at, so they went ahead and made the world's first wooden transistor.

To be upfront, the team behind the innovation added a special ingredient to get around the whole issue of wood being so lousy at conducting a current. And while it works, don't expect to find one inside your next smartphone.

The humble transistor is a fundamental component in just about any piece of electronic technology. Functioning as a tiny 'gate' that controls the flow of one current through the application of another, it can amplify signals, store data as a string of switches, or work together to carry out logic operations.

It can do all of this thanks to a property of semiconductive materials that permits them to carry a current only when they themselves have enough of a charge.

Source: www.sciencealert.com


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