Nigerian chef cooks for 100 hours in world record attempt.

Nigerian chef Hilda Effiong Bassey has become a national sensation after cooking nonstop for 100 hours, in an attempt to set a world record.

The chef, known on social media as Hilda Baci, started cooking on Thursday and continued until Monday – creating more than 55 recipes and over 100 meals designed to showcase the best of Nigerian cuisine in the marathon kitchen session.

The Guinness world record committee still has to confirm that all their criteria have been met and whether Bassey will become the record holder.

The record to beat – 87 hours and 45 minutes – was set in 2019 by Indian chef Lata Tondon who posted a message of support to Bassey ahead of her attempt.

Bassey told CNN that she was motivated to attempt the record because she wants to put Nigerian food on the map.

Despite the lack of sleep throughout her cooking spree in Lagos, Bassey remained in high spirits and could be spotted dancing and waving at her fans turned out in droves to support her.

Bassey told CNN that she nearly gave up on the first day, but after surpassing the previous record, she decided to aim for 100 hours.

Source: https://edition.cnn.com


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