World Homeopathy Day - 10 April.

World Homeopathy Day - 10 April.

In Honor Of The Father Of Homeopathy System Of Medicine Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.
Few of the majorly celebrated days all around the world also comprise of the World Homeopathy Day. Homeopathy is one of the major forms of treatment, adapted by most of the doctors of the world. This is a system of medicine that was developed by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in Germany at the advent of the 18th century. This system is an alternative to the standard medicine system. The entire concept, revolving around this system of treatment, is drastically different to the other conventional forms of medicines.

This second most widely used system of treatment had the first centre of its teaching in the year 1832 after which there was a wide spread of homeopathic medical schools all over Europe. World Homeopathy Day is observed as one of the most important days to be celebrated in the history of medical science. The doctors on this day come together and discuss about the various facts and measures by this system of Homeopathy. The day is celebrated on the 10th of April every year in memory of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.


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