North America’s First Hydrogen-Powered Train Debuts.

On June 17, North America’s first hydrogen-powered train debuted in Quebec. The Coradia iLint train is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell that provides electrical energy by combining hydrogen stored in tanks on the roof and the oxygen present in the ambient air. Emitting only water vapor and condensed water, the train gives off zero direct emissions, greenhouse gasses, or chemicals. 

When the electrical energy produced on board is not used, a battery stores it to boost the energy supply. The kinetic energy produced when the train brakes is also stored in the battery for later use, further increasing energy efficiency.

With a top speed of 86 mph, the train’s acceleration and braking are comparable to a standard diesel train. Unlike a diesel train, however, the Coradia iLint operates at a much quieter volume, improving the experience for the passengers and people that live near tracks or stations.  

Source: www.tomorrowsworldtoday.com


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