RIP Internet Explorer.

Microsoft ended support for Internet Explorer on Wednesday, putting its aging web browser out to pasture after nearly 27 years. The moment comes more than a year after the company said that its Internet Explorer 11 Windows 10 desktop app would be retired in favor of Microsoft Edge.

"Not only is Microsoft Edge a faster, more secure and more modern browsing experience than Internet Explorer, but it is also able to address a key concern: compatibility for older, legacy websites and applications," Microsoft said of its newer browser, which launched in 2015, in a blog post.

The first version of Internet Explorer was included in a Windows 95 Plus upgrade pack in 1995. 

It was once the most popular web browser, reportedly having 95% of the market in 2003. Usage dropped as rivals like Google Chrome rose and Microsoft made the Chromium-powered Edge its default browse. StatCounter indicated it's recently held around 0.5% of the market.

Source: www.cnet.com


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