According to the ILO, only six per cent of domestic workers have comprehensive social protection.

Only six per cent of domestic workers worldwide have access to comprehensive social protection, according to a new report from the International Labour Organization (ILO).

This leaves more than 94 per cent lacking access to the full range of protections, covering medical care, sickness, unemployment, old age, employment injury, family, maternity, invalidity and survivors’ benefits.

According to the report, Making the right to social security a reality for domestic workers: A global review of policy trends, statistics and extension strategies , about half of all domestic workers have no coverage at all, with the remaining half legally covered by at least one benefit.

The extension of effective coverage has lagged significantly behind that of legal coverage. Only one-in-five domestic workers are actually covered in practice because the vast majority are employed informally.

As 76.2 per cent of domestic workers (57.7 million people) are women, such social protection gaps leave women particularly vulnerable.

Source: www.ilo.org


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