Fridays to be declared holidays for public sector for 3 months.

The Cabinet of Ministers has given the approval to the proposal to declare Fridays as holidays for public sector employees from this week.

According to Minister Dinesh Gunawardena, this will not include the essential services including health, power & energy, education, water, electricity, transport, port and air services, and defence.

As the current shortage of fuel has disrupted passenger transport, making it difficult for public sector workers to access their own transportation, it seems appropriate to grant government officials leave for one working day of the week, the government said in a statement.

Further, it was decided to provide the government officials with the necessary facilities to engage in agricultural activities in their backyards or elsewhere as a solution to the looming food shortage.

Accordingly, the Cabinet of Ministers has given its approval to close all government institutions except agencies providing essential services on Fridays for the next 3 months.

The relevant proposal was tabled by the Minister of Public Administration, Home Affairs and Provincial Council.


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