World Largest Car Markets 2021.

In 2021 almost 84 million vehicles have been sold in the world, gaining 4.1% compared to the almost 81 million sales reported the previous year.

China remains the leading global market, with 24.9 million sales, and rose only 0.5% compared to the sales reported the previous year. This huge market accounts for 29.6% of all sales at a global level.

The USA are in the second position, with almost 15 million sales registered they report a growth of 2% and hold 17.8% share of the world’s sales.

In third position we have Japan with 4.4 million units sold and falling 3.3% (5.3% market share), followed by India which registered 4.4 million units sold (+31.6%).

In 5th place we have Germany,  with sales at almost 3 million units and fell 8.5% and reported the worst performance on the leaderboard, followed by the UK with 2.9 million units sold (+10.2%).

France -down 1 spot- registered 2.1 million sales and rose 2.1%, followed by Mexico which rose 1 spot with 2 million sales rising 6.9%.

At the edge of the top 10 rankings, we find Brazil -down 1 spot-, with sales at  2 million (+1%) and finally South Korea, down 7.9% with 1.7 million units sold.

Source: www.focus2move.com


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