The Henley Passport Index: Q1 2022 Global Ranking.

The Henley Passport Index includes 199 different passports and 227 different travel destinations. Updated quarterly, the Henley Passport Index is considered the standard reference tool for global citizens and sovereign states when assessing where a passport ranks on the global mobility spectrum.

If no visa is required, then a score with value = 1 is created for that passport. The same applies if you can obtain a visa on arrival, a visitor’s permit, or an electronic travel authority (ETA) when entering the destination.

Where a visa is required, or where a passport holder has to obtain a government-approved electronic visa (e-Visa) before departure, a score with value = 0 is assigned. This also applies if you need pre-departure government approval for a visa on arrival.

The total score for each passport is equal to the number of destinations for which no visa is required (value = 1).

Sri Lanka ranked at 102nd position and Japan and Singapore hold the first rank on the passport index.

Top 5 countries in the Index:

  • Rank 1: Japan, Singapore
  • Rank 2: Germany, South Korea
  • Rank 3: Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain
  • Rank 4: Austria, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Sweden
  • Rank 5: Ireland, Portugal

World’s 5 least powerful passports:

  • Yemen
  • Pakistan 
  • Syria 
  • Iraq 
  • Afghanistan


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