Amazing Native Medicines - Flowering Papaya.

  • For medicine, a man looking for a flowering papaya root in the west said that poisoning was linked to the sun, and that the poisons were reduced according to the direction of the rising and setting of the sun, and that doctors were continuing with traditional knowledge.
  • It is said that even the bark used for treatment is sourced from the West.
  • Flowering papaya plant, which is especially used for snake medicine, is also known as flowering papaya and male papaya due to its fruitlessness. Although it is referred to as poison ivy in medicine, there are differences of opinion about it.
  • In addition to detoxification, it is said to be used to treat diseases such as fractures, cancer, kidney disease, diseases of the digestive system, including constipation, nuts, worms, and dengue, which reduces platelet count.
  • For  medicinal purposes, the leaves and bark of the leaves are used and it is said that one-fifth of the venom of snakes is taken.
  • To get rid of toxins, lime is ground into a paste and then applied to the bite.
  • It is said that the seeds of a plant with two small pods hanging between the flower buds are mixed with turmeric  and applied to kill the toxins.
  • Flowering papaya Milk is used to cure worms in the mouth.
  • When the thorns are stuck deep in the base, the roots of the plant are crushed with the yolk and boiled in coconut milk.
  • Flowering papaya leaves are also used to prepare medicines for kidney disease
  • It acts as a softener and is used to soften bones in fractures. The leaves are used to soften meat during cooking because of its softening properties.
  • Flowering papaya Leaf juice is said to respond to low platelets. The use of herbicides in dengue is said to be at the research level and has been shown to be successful in practice.
  • The fifth leaf should be used from the stem of the papaya plant, the split leaf should be washed well, put in a wooden mortar and the juice should be squeezed and given two teaspoons of fresh juice. mentioned in.
  • Flowering papaya is also good for the heart. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Add the garlic and red onion and mix well.
  • Similarly, flowering papaya flower curry also helps in the proper functioning of the digestive system by relieving constipation.
  • When you see flowering papaya at night, it can be said that it helps to achieve a healthy recovery by not cutting it down and getting the right fruit.


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