A new Rainfrog Species found in Panama.

Somewhere in the tropical rainforests of Panama's Mount ChucantĂ­ lies a tiny rainfrog that was completely new to science until recently. The mountain's high elevation (1000 m), and the resulting geographical isolation, makes it a unique landscape suitable to host several endemic species.

In 2012, after horseback riding and hiking up steep slopes for a herpetology expedition, an international team led by Dr Abel Batista and Dr Konrad Mebert came across a unique species. Scientists saw this hitherto unknown frog species lurking from the leaf of a bromeliad plant at night hours.

In 2018, after the team confirmed the new species’ novelty through DNA analysis, the research study sponsor Rainforest Trust held an auction. No, not to sell the discovery, but to allow the winner to name the species. Finally, the tiny frog was named after the climate activist Greta Thunberg, acknowledging her efforts to curb climate change.

Source: https://weather.com


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