International Mountain Day - 11 December.

Every year on December 11th, International Mountain Day aims to increase awareness about the importance of mountains. The conservation of mountains is a key factor in sustainable development.

Mountains cover 27% of the earth’s landmass. According to the United Nations, 15% of the world’s population lives in the mountains. The mountains are also home to one-quarter of the world’s land animals and plants. Additionally, across the globe mountains provide freshwater to half of the world’s population. Another role mountains play is providing food resources. Six of the world’s most important food crops grow in the mountains.

As you can see, mountains are extremely important. Sadly, however, climate change and over-exploitation threaten our majestic mountains. As a result, the livelihood of those who live in the mountains is also under threat. Mountain people are among the poorest in the world. These threats to their home make it even more challenging to survive.

One of the best things you can do to help conserve mountains is reduce your carbon footprint.

In 1992, the UN held the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD). As part of the CSD, the UN adopted a document called “Managing Fragile Ecosystems: Sustainable Mountain Development.” Due to the emphasis on the importance of mountains, the UN declared 2002 the UN International Year of Mountains. In 2003, the United Nations General Assembly designated December 11th as International Mountain Day. The Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is responsible for leading the observance of this day. 

The theme for 2021 id sustainable mountain tourism. 


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