International Animal Rights Day - 10 December.

Each year on December 10th during International Animal Rights Day, animal rights advocates around the world seek to persuade people that kindness and respect are owed to all sentient beings. This, of course, includes animals.

Most people understand that animals can feel pain. Many also believe animals can feel and perceive feelings. For these reasons, it’s important to realize that like humans, animals deserve to have rights. To do everything they can to guard animal rights, activists believe humans should:

  • Stop thinking of animals as human property and think of them as companion animals instead of pets.

  • Abstain from all animal use, which includes meat, leather, milk, wool, and silk.
  • Stop experimenting on animals.
  • Stop using animals for entertainment and sporting events, which includes rodeo, greyhound racing, horseracing, using them in movies and in the circus, and putting marine animals on display.
  • Animal rights activists also believe that humans should not hunt, fish, or wear fur.

The animal rights association, Uncaged created International Animal Rights Day in 1998. It was their goal to highlight all forms of violence against animals. Founders of the day stated that since animals can’t vote, protest, or lobby for their own protection, humans have to do it for them. Uncaged has its headquarters in Sheffield, England. They specifically chose December 10th for International Animal Rights Day as it coincides with Human Rights Day. It’s their desire to extend these same inalienable rights to all living creatures, even if they are a different species than humans.


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